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VIDEO: LaMelo Ball breaks down his first ever Charlotte practice

LaMelo Ball, Devonte Graham, Gordon Hayward, Hornets

Charlotte Hornets guard LaMelo Ball is arguably the biggest name in the 2020 draft class. The 19-year-old recently had his first taste of practice with his new team, and he later on provide some insight as to what that experience was like for him.

Ball fielded several questions from a number of reporters, and here is the video of his presser courtesy of ESPN on YouTube:

In case this was the first time you caught a LaMelo interview, you would have quickly realized that unlike his father, LaVar Ball, LaMelo is certainly more reserved. He doesn’t beat around the bush much, and just answers the questions as honestly (and as briefly) as he can.

When asked about how first day of practice was like, Ball shared how it was a great experience for him:

“First day was cool,” he said. “I mean I love the vibe. Everybody around here is cool. The energy. I really loved it, to be honest.”

The Hornets used their third overall pick on Ball in the recently-concluded draft, and it appears that they have now landed their superstar of the future in the 6-foot-7 guard. He’s one of the best prospects of his class, and based solely on this recent interview, he just seems so ready to go.

Ball was then asked if he found anything surprising in his first Hornets practice, and unsurprisingly, the teenager simply said no:

“Yeah, no. Business as usual,” said Ball. “You know it’s basketball. So definitely just business.”

Don’t let the seemingly overbearing aura fool you, though. Ball is an extremely hard worker, and as described by his coaches and teammates, his work ethic is something that has left them impressed. Ball was asked to comment about this, and this is what he had to say:

“I mean I for sure appreciate it,” Ball admitted. “I’m thankful for it. But at the end of the day I’m just being me. So that’s that.”

Ball does talk a big game. In a couple of weeks’ time, we will finally be able to see if he can back it up for the Hornets on the basketball court.