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Patriots LB James Harrison talks about signing with New England

James Harrison signing with the New England Patriots isn’t even close to Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors.

Let’s get out of the way first. The Pittsburgh Steelers cut Harrison, who then cleared waivers, and he chose New England after years and years working for the Steelers. This wasn’t a dude — in the prime of his career — demanding a trade or signing with a powerhouse during free agency.

Eh, I digress.

Anyway, James Harrison opened up about his decision to sign with the Patriots with a funny little social media post:



Harrison only played 40 snaps this season for the Steelers. While Pittsburgh might have considered re-signing him for insurance, he was already voicing his frustration with his lack of playing time while on the roster. In turn, Bill Belichick and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia were likely able to sell him that New England is a better fit for him this year because they could provide him more playing time.

If nothing else, this is what this is all about. Pittsburgh waived a dude it was no longer playing, then that guy just so happened to sign with a team that has a need at that position.

Here is to hoping the idea that Harrison took the easy way, when he wasn’t given any options, goes the way of the dinosaurs.