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RUMOR: Cam Newton could make totally unexpected move for Patriots

Cam Newton, Patriots, Mac Jones, Bill Belichick

The Cam Newton saga is over for the New England Patriots after he got cut. Or is it?

The Patriots released Newton last week, paving the way for rookie Mac Jones to serve as the starting quarterback. Newton only suited up for one season with the Patriots, leading the team to only seven wins.

But according to NFL analyst Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports, Newton could still make a highly unexpected move and return with the Patriots (via Heavy).

“I also don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that Cam Newton is back there in some capacity at some point and time. Based on what Belichick’s seeing out of the team, based on what he’s seeing out of the quarterback. Obviously based on any potential injury situations. I think Bill Belichick still thinks very highly of Cam Newton and there’s a lot of things about Cam Newton that he likes, but they’re going to run their offense in a different way, with a quarterback with some different skill sets at this stage.”

Newton being a prodigal son of sorts would create a very awkward situation for the Patriots. Jones’ confidence could be affected as well, as he might be looking over his shoulder every time he takes the field. Barring any hipster, what-was-he-thinking moves from Belichick, Newton won’t don a Patriots jersey in the near future.

Newton is still only 32 years old and he could still land a new deal with a different team. In fact, he said he will announce his new plans on Instagram on Friday.