Raiders news: Derek Carr says uncertainty over stadium in 2019 is 'crazy'
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Raiders QB Derek Carr says uncertainty over stadium in 2019 is ‘crazy’

Derek Carr, Raiders

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has seen his share of change in the NFL. This season has been particularly tumultuous with changes both in terms of the roster, the coaching staff, and the front office.

After seeing such a stark amount of turnover in his five years in the league, Carr acknowledges what a “crazy” business the NFL is.

“It’s crazy, man,” Carr said Wednesday per Paul Gutierrez of ESPN. “My brother [David] warned me about stuff like this, because he played for 12 years. I was like, ‘No, man, when you get here it’s just rainbows and butterflies because you made it to the NFL.’ All of a sudden, you get new friends every year.

“I’ve had like 27 different people in the locker next to me in five years. It just shows you how tough this business is.”

And to top it all off, Carr and the Raiders don’t have a lease to play their home games in 2019 and will likely need to move out of their current stadium in Oakland after the season. That’s just another “crazy” element to the business he and his teammates will just have to contend with.

“That is crazy, and to me that seems weird,” Carr said. “It just seems different to even have to think that way, because I’ve spent five years playing in this stadium.”

Despite all the turnover with the Raiders this season, Carr has remained one of the few constants. And he’s proving in the past two weeks why he was considered the Raiders’ franchise QB. In those two games against the Chiefs and Steelers, he’s completed 75 percent of his passes for 607 yards and five touchdowns with no interceptions.

There’s no certainty where the Raiders will play their home games next season. Owner Mark Davis says the team has a “number of options” to choose from. But unless something unexpected happens, chances are Carr will still be donning the silver and black wherever they’ll be playing.