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WATCH: Raiders WR Antonio Brown leaves practice field when team puts on helmets

Antonio Brown, Raiders

Antonio Brown has been the talk of the NFL offseason. From his trade request from the Pittsburgh Steelers, to being dealt to the Oakland Raiders, to the drama that has ensued, things simply couldn’t get worse surrounding him, could they? Think again, as the most absurd thing in recent NFL history happened today.

In a video released by NBC Sports reporter Scott Blair, Brown is seen walking off of the Raiders’ practice field after the team entered the portion of practice where they put their helmets on.

Unless you simply haven’t been paying attention at all, Brown has been locked into a dramatic situation with the NFL over his helmet. He has played every down of his football career in the same helmet, but the league made new, safer helmets and disallowed his old one. That did not sit well with Brown.

He has filed multiple grievances against the NFL and has even been rumored to have threatened to retire if he is unable to wear his old helmet. Some players and media members side with Brown, as it is a matter of feeling safe, while others think he is taking things too far.

Either way, the Raiders are starting to get fed up with his off-the-field drama. Mike Mayock has stated that it’s time for Brown to decide whether he is all in or all out with the team.

This stunt seems a bit over the top, but Brown doesn’t seem worried about it. It is clear that this situation is not close to an end and it will be interesting to see what comes next for Brown.

UPDATE: Antonio Brown later returned to practice and participated with an approved helmet.