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Rams GM Les Snead has been the main transformative figure for the franchise — the draft proves it

The Los Angeles Rams have turned things around in a hurry while the NFC West franchise fell upon some seriously hard times under the direction of former head coach Jeff Fisher. However, with current head coach Sean McVay now on board, Rams general manager Les Snead has led the way en route to bolstering his team’s roster over the last several seasons.

It is certainly no secret that the Rams have gotten significantly better ever since Snead was hired as the team’s general manager.

“Things have gotten much better since the arrival of general manager Les Snead in 2012,” a recent article from The Athletic. “In fact, since Snead came on board, the Rams have made good use of their draft picks, uncovering tremendous value in kicker Greg Zuerlein in the sixth round in 2012, defensive lineman Michael Brockers in the first round in 2012, of course defensive tackle Aaron Donald in the first round in 2014 and running back Todd Gurley with their first-round pick in 2015.”

Of course, the Rams won the NFC this past season while reaching Super Bowl LIII in McVay’s second season as an NFL head coach.

“Those picks set the foundation for what was to come in the ensuing years as Snead and the Rams built a Super Bowl roster, using a mixture of draft picks and trades to construct it. Prior to that, well … it was slim pickings as the Rams continually missed on their draft picks. The result was one of the roughest stretches for an NFL franchise, with the Rams putting together not even one winning season between 2004 and 2016.”

Nonetheless, the surging Rams will once again be forced to deal with both the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints in 2019.