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Rams CB Marcus Peters takes jab at Saints coach Sean Payton’s play calling in NFC title game

Sean Payton, Marcus Peters, Rams, Saints

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters blasted New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton’s playcalling when asked about the controversial no-call in the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

The Rams pulled off the 26-23 overtime victory in New Orleans, which allowed Sean McVay’s team to earn their spot in Super Bowl 53 in a few weeks.

However, it didn’t come without some controversy, as NFL officials admitted to Payton after the game that they missed a crucial call that would have likely allowed the Saints to kick a game-winning field goal without allowing the Rams another opportunity.

But Peters thinks that the whole situation had more to do with Payton’s decision not to run the ball multiple times on the drive, which in turn, allowed Los Angeles a chance to score.

Here’s what Peters had to say, courtesy of Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports:

Payton’s decision to pass on a few of those plays certainly stood out and giving the Rams another chance certainly was not ideal considering how efficient Jared Goff and company have been this season.

Either way, the Rams are indeed headed to the Super Bowl, and they clearly have the talent to win the whole thing.

McVay’s group will wait see who they will play, as the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots are squaring off in the AFC title game.