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Russell Westbrook responds to 76ers fan flipping him off

russell westbrook

It did not take long for a fan to show his displeasure for Russell Westbrook this season after Westbrook was flipped off by a courtside fan of the 76ers in their opening game of the season in Philadelphia.

No doubt that the fan decided to flip off Westbrook because he was lighting up the 76ers. In the opener, Westbrook was everything the Thunder want him to be this season – a scorer and a timely passer. The Thunder point guard finished the game with 32 points, 12 rebounds, and nine assists – oh so close to starting the season off with a triple-double.

After the game Westbrook had this to say about the fan flipping him off:

Westbrook does seem a bit irritated on how the league works. A fan can freely flip off Westbrook but he can do nothing in response. When bringing up the $25,000 Westbrook is addressing the fact that he was fined for yelling the f-word at a fan last season. If it had not been for that fine last season who knows what Westbrook would have said to this guy.

It is good to see Westbrook turning over a “new leaf” though. The Thunder will need Westbrook to keep his technicals to a minimum and play in every game this season if they want a chance to reach the playoffs.

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