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Seahawks LB Mychal Kendricks suspended indefinitely by NFL for insider trading

Mychal Kendricks

It appears that Mychal Kendricks days with the Seattle Seahawks are numbered as the linebacker has been suspended indefinitely after he pleaded guilty to federal insider trading charges.

Kendricks had been appealing the suspension and was allowed to play during the appeal, but he was informed on Tuesday that his appeal was denied. Kendricks was signed by the Seahawks to help fill a void left by KJ Wright who hasn’t played yet this season because of injury.

At the time of signing Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said the team had done their research and felt he deserved another chance because he had paid back all the extra money he received from the insider training.

“It happened four and a half years ago, so it’s a story that’s been worked on for a long time,” Carroll said via ESPN. “There’s a lot of good information. We’ve come to learn who he is and what he’s all about and how remorseful he was and how he admitted to his mistake a long time ago — he paid the money back, he did all of the right things along the way. The process continues, but we just checked everything we could possibly check out, and he’s a guy that deserves a second chance.”

Kendricks is expected to be sentenced on January 24th and could face 30 to 37 months in prison based on the federal guidelines. If he is sentenced and misses a year or two of football it could spell the end of his NFL career.