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Gilbert Arenas rants on Jahlil Okafor’s future with Sixers

Gilbert Arenas

Over the past year, Gilbert Arenas has made a lot of headlines for the rants he made on social media over different issues players have been involved in. The former All-Star did the same recently, as he gave his thoughts about the future of Jahlil Okafor with the Philadelphia 76ers.

It’s no secret that Okafor’s role with the team has diminished since Joel Embiid made his debut last year, and with the max contract he signed recently, it became clearer that he may not be a part of their future plans anymore — something which he agrees with to some extent.

This is what Gilbert Arenas pointed out, or ripped apart, on his Instagram account, as he blasted Jahlil Okafor saying that the incoming third year player’s days with the franchise could already be numbered.

Despite his injury woes, the Sixers still decided to offer Embiid the lucrative extension, as he showed a lot of promise last season, and produced impressive numbers despite playing under capped minutes. Oklafor on the other hand saw his playing time continue to decrease, but it wasn’t only due to Embiid’s rise as the Duke product’s commitment on defense and poor rebounding numbers for someone his size have left plenty to be desired.

It’s still unknown what the Sixers’ plans are for Jahlil Okafor, but with the emergence of Dario Saric and the impending debut of Ben Simmons, it appears that he is the odd man out of the team’s big man rotation.