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Woj drops truth bomb on Suns owner Robert Sarver allegations, links to Clippers’ Donald Sterling situation

Woj, Suns, Chris Paul, Robert Sarver, Clippers, Donald Sterling

ESPN’s NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski has shed more light on the much-talked-about scandal involving Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver and his alleged racist and misogynistic ways. Woj has provided more details as to the steps commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA will take with regards to their investigation on the matter at hand.

Woj revealed that the NBA will be using the same law firm they hired to investigate the case of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling:

As Woj described in his report, this same law firm not only handled the Sterling investigation in LA, but also, that of former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson. For what it’s worth, both cases involved either leaked audio recordings or emails wherein Sterling and Levenson used racist remarks. Moreover, both cases led to Sterling and Levenson being forced to sell their stock in their respective teams.

Given the similarity in the Suns’ current situation with Robert Sarver, it does seem as though this investigation is going to take the same path as the aforementioned cases. As such, should the results of the investigation expose Sarver’s racist nature, then it would not be surprising if he too ends up selling his share of the Suns franchise.