Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3 early targets with the No. 14 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3 early targets with the No. 14 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers missed out on the playoffs last season, but they still had were an exciting team to watch. Heading into the offseason, there are a lot of questions starting with who will be their starting quarterback next season. Jameis Winston is a free agent and if the team will bring him back seems to be unclear. Could the Buccaneers go after a quarterback with the 14th overall pick?

Let’s break down three players the Buccaneers could target in the first round.

Grant Delpit, Safety, LSU

The Buccaneers’ front seven is a strength, but they really need some help in their secondary. All the talk around the LSU Tigers this past season was about Joe Burrow, but Grant Delpit was a standout on the other side of the ball.

He is a safety that is comfortable playing in zone or man-to-man coverage. He is a heavy hitter, who can put some fear in offensive players.

The only real knock on him is with his tackling. At times he misses easy tackles and that is something that will need to improve once he gets to the league.

If he can do that, he could become a star quickly for the Buccaneers, or whatever team drafts him.

Tua Tagovalia, Quarterback, Alabama

Chances are Tua Tagovalia is going to be gone by the time the Buccaneers draft, but if he’s still available, they need to seriously consider him.

Tagovalia was an elite talent for the Crimson Tide, but a devastating hip injury could cause him to drop down draft boards. Tagovalia is a smart quarterback, who can make some impressive throws. He also is good with his legs, although he isn’t a run-first quarterback.

If Tagovalia’s medicals check out, Winston’s replacement might just fall into their lap in the first round.

D’Andre Swift, Running back, Georgia

The Buccaneers need offensive line help and maybe a quarterback, but the draft board might not fall right. Depending on the offensive lineman drafted, it might be a reach selecting one here, which means they could go best player available.

The Buccaneers don’t necessarily need to select a running back high, but he would be a great asset to their offense. During 2019. De’Andre Swift rushed 196 times for 1,218 yards and seven touchdowns. He could come in instantly and be an impact player. If the Buccaneers do decide to change quarterback they will probably lean on their running game more, and Swift could help with that.

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