Texans news: DeAndre Hopkins blasts NFL after uncalled pass interference vs. Ravens
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Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins blasts NFL after uncalled pass interference vs. Ravens

DeAndre Hopkins

Houston Texans star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins took to social media after his team’s lopsided road defeat to the Baltimore Ravens, complaining about a controversy pass interference non-call in the game.

Hopkins re-shared a SportsCenter tweet with photos showing a Baltimore defensive back grabbing his jersey in the end zone, expressing his frustration with how the NFL interprets the rule.

“As a leader in the NFL,” Hopkins wrote on Twitter after the game, “we need someone new in New York deciding calls.”

While the play may not have mattered in the long run—the Ravens wound up winning the game 41-7—in the moment it looked to be a terrible non-call and a play that the coach’s challenge was specifically designed to call attention to; however, after the review, the officials did not call defensive pass interference on Marlon Humphrey.

Hopkins finished the game with seven receptions for 80 yards. The three-time Pro-Bowl wide out has over 700 receiving yards on the season and four touchdowns, but he’s wishing he had five scores after that target was foiled by Humphrey and the officiating crew, taking out an opportunity at the goal line to try another play to score.

Not everybody was on board by the referees’ decision to not overturn the pass interference non-call, with Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy sharing his frustration, per the Washington Post:

“We had another example in the Houston-Baltimore game of the NFL office not overturning a terrible non call on Pass Interference,” former coach and NBC analyst Tony Dungy tweeted. “Houston should have had the ball at the 1 yard line. This is getting ridiculous.”

The rule has only left players, coaches, and fans further disenchanted by the protocols of the NFL, with sometimes “obvious” calls being ignored for vague reasons. This time around, however, Hopkins was unafraid to publicly call for a change to the way things are done in the league.