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The real reason why Adin Ross suddenly got banned on Twitch

AdinRoss Banned on Twitch

Twitch has just banned AdinRoss, one of their most famous streamers, due to breaking the rules about using phones while driving. This is the fourth time the streamer has been suspended from the platform.

During one of his IRL streams, Adin was caught staring down and using his phone while he was on the road. And even though he wasn’t using the device to stream, what he did was still illegal and Twitch definitely doesn’t condone that kind of behavior.

Twitch’s community guidelines stated that any “illegal activity” will be punishable by suspension. Of course, this includes The Californian state law. The law says that “driving while using a handheld cellular device or texting” is a crime. People who violate this law would get a fine of $175 for the first offenses and $500 for any following charges.

Following the ban, AdinRoss posted about his actions on both TikTok and Twitter. He claims to take full responsibility as he fears that it could mean a permanent suspension of his account.

“I’m so sorry fr,” says Adin. “I know a lot of ppl who aren’t a part of my community aren’t too fond of me and I’m sorry I was 100% in the wrong.”

The clip from yesterday’s stream started trending on Reddit with many calling for Twitch to take action against the streamer. AdinRoss isn’t the first streamer to receive a ban for the same offense. In March, Twitch gave fellow streamer JakeNBake a week-long suspension after looking at his phone while driving.

The platform is certainly getting more and more notorious by the day. With ASMR streamers and Hot Tub girls on the rise, there’s no telling who Twitch will suspend next.