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Dell Curry claims Seth was willing to figuratively murder Stephen in the backyard

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The sense of competition fostered between the Curry brothers as children helped Warriors star Stephen Curry and the underrated Seth Curry become the players they are today.

Dell Curry spoke on the relationship between his two sons during an interview for “The Rex Chapman Show.” He revealed Seth always felt he had a place in the NBA if Steph could make it. Why? Well, Dell said Seth had the edge on his big brother in the backyard:

“Seth had the mentality, ‘If Stephen’s gonna [play in the NBA], I know I can do it. I used to kill him in the backyard!’ That’s Seth’s mentality right now,” Dell Curry said, via Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype. “He’ll tell you, ‘I’m a better shooter than Steph, he just gets more shots.'”

Seth isn’t wrong about being a better shooter. Well, technically.

The younger Curry brother ranks second all-time in three-point percentage. Stephen Curry ranks seventh on that list.

Of course, percentages do not account for volume. The Warriors superstar has taken close to 6,200 triples in his career. Seth still has a strong sample size. But he lags far behind big brother in three-point attempts at under 1,200. Regardless, the Curry’s have both overcome the odds to be terrific NBA players.

Before becoming a Warriors icon, Stephen Curry became a star at Davidson and played through ankle issues early in his career before finding stardom. Seth had even more obstacles. He began his collegiate career at Liberty before transferring to Duke. But the Charlotte native went undrafted out of college, and had to prove himself in the G League before sticking in the NBA.

The elder Curry might be the bigger name and star. But Seth used his big brother’s success as motivation for his own journey. The Philadelphia 76ers guard still thinks he’s the better sniper.