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Warriors’ DeMarcus Cousins says teams turned down $5.3 million offer: ‘They all slammed the door shut on me’

DeMarcus Cousins, Warriors

DeMarcus Cousins experienced uncharted waters during his first time as a free agent, not only getting an underwhelming offer from the New Orleans Pelicans, but even getting teams scoffing at the notion of a one-year run to boost his value back to health. The big man noted how other teams around the league didn’t care to listen to a potential $5.3 million offer for the mid-level exception, the same offer the Golden State Warriors gladly accepted.

“The people I reached out to … man, the teams I was talking to, and how they slammed the phone in my face,” said DeMarcus Cousins, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic. “They all slammed the door shut on me. I wish I could share those conversations. But it’s done with. I reached out to teams with the same offer as Golden State, just to see.”

Cousins reportedly called Warriors president Bob Myers and prompted the same offer, knowing this team would be his “ace of spades” and the last bullet left in the chamber after all shots fired missed shy of a target.

The big man knew this would be an offer too succulent to refuse, and a two-time defending championship team would not hesitate to pull the trigger and make a splash.

Cousins faced plenty of criticism following his decision, as many viewed his eagerness to sign with Golden State as ring-chasing, before any real context was provided.

“The Warriors are the most hated team in basketball, period. You see that, and then you add another All-Star guy?,” said Cousins. “They’re reading on the surface and they’re pissed. They’re mad, they’re angry. I understand it. I really do. Like, ‘Damn, they got KD, Steph, Klay, Dray already.’ But they don’t know the circumstances. I have thick skin.

“I’m unbothered. I’m worried about my health. I’m worried about my long-term career. I’m worried about happiness.”

Now two games into his season debut with his new team, “Operation Boogie” is in full-go, as the coaching staff is slowly incorporating him into a star-studded lineup.