Warriors news: Draymond Green on Andre Iguodala -- 'I'm going to flagrant foul him'
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Draymond Green on Andre Iguodala: ‘I’m going to flagrant foul him’

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The Golden State Warriors will face the Miami Heat on Monday, the new home of former longtime cog Andre Iguodala, who won three rings with the organization along with a Finals MVP. Asked how he plans to welcome Iguodala in his first visit to the Chase Center as a member of the Heat, Draymond Green could only muster a quote this welcoming:

“I’m gonna flagrant foul him,” said Green. “Flagrant 2. As soon as I get a chance.”

Asked if it would be worth the possible fine and suspension, Green slyly responded:

“It would be worth it,” said Green with a smirk. “I get to talk about that for the rest of my life to him, so it’d be worth it.”

Iguodala was speculated to potentially return to the Warriors a next season as a free agent, giving him the chance to finish out his career with the team that brought him the most glory. Yet those plans changed when he secured a two-year extension worth $30 million with the Miami Heat, which could delay that reunion with his former teammates.

Turning to the more serious side of the conversation, Green shared a little bit of warm-hearted candor with the press:

“If any moment stands out … my favorite moment is when he won Finals MVP,” said Green. “For him to get that honor, I think it’s hard to put anything above that.”

Iguodala was an unlikely but well-deserving MVP of the 2015 NBA Finals, as it was his change in favor of Andrew Bogut in Game 4 of the series that helped turn that series around, earning the Warriors their first title in 40 years.

Whether Green flagrant fouls him in Monday night’s game or not, it’s likely he and Iguodala will cherish those historic Warriors moments for years to come.