Warriors news: Steve Kerr reacts to embarrassing 48-point loss vs. Mavs
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Steve Kerr reacts to Warriors’ embarrassing 48-point loss vs. Mavs

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Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has no plans of reviewing the tape of their 48-point loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

Instead, Kerr and Co. will move on and prepare for their game against the Utah Jazz on Friday.

After their win over the Memphis Grizzlies which snapped their seven-game losing streak, the Warriors were thrown back to rock bottom by the Mavs on Wednesday. Their 142-94 defeat serves as another nail in the coffin in the 2019-20 season.

The Warriors trailed all game long and were down by as much as 50 points. In fact, Mavs youngster Luka Doncic outscored, out-rebounded, and out-assisted them in the first quarter.

Before the 2019-20 season tipped off, analysts forecasted that the Warriors might miss the playoffs entirely. This was a statement that did not sit well with most fans. After all, the Dubs still had Stephen Curry, DAngelo Russell and Draymond Green.

However, as the season progressed and as the injuries piled up, fans started to accept the fact that the Dubs aren’t the dominant team they once were.

Kerr even noted that the goal for this season is the development of their young players. Winning games are important, but Kerr and his coaching staff have their eyes peeled at their new additions and if they’re making the correct plays at any given time.

Nonetheless, for diehard Warriors fans, it just feels different seeing the three-time champs get pummeled to the ground.