Wizards news: Bradley Beal reveals story of cop threatening him
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Bradley Beal reveals story of cop threatening to f*** up his day

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Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal revealed a story from two years ago when a police officer pulled him over for “no reason” and threatened to use violence.

Beal, who was with his fiancée and his friend at the time, recounted being pulled over at the Interstate 495 Highway and hearing this from the cop:

Via David Aldridge of The Athletic:

“How would you like me f***ing up your Monday by putting you in a headlock,” said Beal before he and other Wizards and members of the Washington Mystics marched to the Martin Luther King Jr. monument in Washington D.C.

This is hardly the first case of racial profiling that an athlete has experienced, but Beal still remembers it vividly enough to recount the words.

Bradley Beal took part in the march and addressed the crowd that gathered in support, asking them to raise their fists in solidarity for Black Lives Matter, as John Carlos and Tommie Smith once did at the 1968 Summer Olympics during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The Wizards star shared the experience as a symbol of solidarity, as many black men and women are victims of racial profiling, injustice, and abuse — some that have been known to lead to police brutality.

In a conscious effort to support the Black Lives Matter movement and fight against racial injustice, Beal and his teammates took the streets on Juneteenth to protest and demand change, one that has been long overdue in the United States after multiple centuries of oppression.