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PAC gets one over on Orange Cassidy at AEW’s Grand Slam

AEW, PAC, Orange Cassidy, Grand Slam, AEW All-Atlantic Championship

At AEW’s Grand Slam, PAC lived up to his nickname in a major way.

Wrestling against one of his deepest seated rivals in Tony Khan’s company for the All-Atlantic Championship, PAC and Orange Cassidy started things off normally enough, with OC running his usual “Kicks of Doom” routine before rapidly transitioning into a forceful series of hard-hitting maneuvers that Death Triangle’s double champion has never seen from his usually aloof opponent.

Certainly, this was one of the Orange Cassidy-y matches Orange Cassidy has wrestled in AEW or elsewhere, with his typically all-consuming, match-long mind games replaced by a more purposeful approach to becoming an AEW Champion once and for all.

With PAC routinely placed on the ropes far more often than he would typically expect from the “King of Sloth Style,” the reigning champion looked for something, anything to get out of the match with a belt still around his waist. He tried the Brutalizer, he tried the Black Arrow, and yet none of it connected the way he would have liked.

Fortunately, PAC found some unlikely salvation in the form of the ring keeper’s hammer, which he used to smack OC in the face and knock him out cleanly. PAC rolled his foe back into the ring, and by the count of three, he was afforded an opportunity to leave the match the first and current champion.

What gives? PAC has always been an anti-hero, but he’s rarely had to cheat to such a degree to win a match. Is AEW about to experience a new, badder PAC? If so, the company may never be the same.