Browns news: Myles Garrett regrets doing ESPN interview on Mason Rudolph situation
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Browns star Myles Garrett regrets doing ESPN interview on Mason Rudolph situation

Myles Garrett, Browns, Mason Rudolph

The Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph situation sent shockwaves throughout the sports world back in Week 10 of the season. Well, after being suspended indefinitely by the league, Garrett was recently reinstated.

Shortly after being reinstated, the Cleveland Browns star agreed to do an interview with ESPN. The only problem? The Browns apparently didn’t know of the interview.

During the interview, Garrett restated that his attack on Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph was preceded by Rudolph reportedly using racial slurs against Garrett.

In a more recent interview with Tom Reed of The Athletic, the former No. 1 overall pick expressed his regret about doing the ESPN interview.

“I dropped the ball there,” Garrett said. “I should have told the Browns before I did it. It sprung up in my lap and I thought it was a good chance to talk about Waterboys. I knew they would bring up the incident. I would have my say on it and move on to the next topic.”

Garrett also added that his father was also a critic of his involvement with the ESPN interview.

“[My father] was right,” Garrett told Reed. “Have your say some other day. That’s the best way to put it. Got to be smart with what you say and when you say it.”

With that being said, Garrett has also stated that he is now done with talking about the Rudolph situation and will pass on questions that arise about the incident in the future.