In the nicest way possible, NBA fans are sickos. With the speed information moves at in the digital era, good news goes in one ear and out the other in favor of the next scoop. Chicago Bulls fans are no different. Today should be a day for rest and relaxation with the knowledge that their star, Zach LaVine, is locked up for the next five seasons.

Instead fans decided to use LaVine's latest social media post, a humorous clip from The Wolf of Wall Street intended to announce his return, as the catalyst for a web of new trade conspiracies.

Bulls fans astutely pointed out that Nikola Vucevic was absent from the video featuring many Bulls players and personnel. Vucevic has been linked in previous trade rumors, leading Bulls fans to believe those rumblings may turn out to be true.

Vucevic, alongside Patrick Williams and Coby White, have been mixed and matched in a variety of rumored trade packages right now. None of the player were featured in the video.

Rudy Gobert has long been the biggest name linked to Chicago this offseason. However, new reports suggest an even bigger splash could be on the way. According to Bulls reporter Joe Cowley, the team has called the Nets about superstar ask-out Kevin Durant. Cowley also stated that LaVine has a “good relationship” with KD.

With the addition of Gobert or Durant, the Bulls would be a contender for the title, if not the contender. If Chicago can pull off the blockbuster move, it will be an exciting time in Chi-Town.