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Philip Rivers’ entire family fills out offense on Madden 20

Philip Rivers, Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has accomplished a lot on the field. He’s been incredibly consistent, starting all 16 games in each of the past 13 seasons. He’s been a staple of this modern era of football and has built a Hall of Fame resume, making the Pro Bowl eight times.

Despite all that, he’s arguably just as well known in some circles for his life off the field. Rivers’ family situation has become a running joke in NFL circles, as he seemingly has a new kid every season. The Rivers family has nine children now, meaning they can field an entire football team.

The Twitter account @Maddenschool cooked up a hilarious video using a custom team to show the entire Rivers family taking the field as an offense, and the whole thing is worth a watch.

The Chargers are coming off a very successful season where they went 12-4 and won a playoff game, and Rivers had his best campaign in years. He was an MVP candidate for a while before Patrick Mahomes ran away with the award, and he showed no sign of slowing down.

Rivers will turn 38 in July, but he’s insisted he has at least a few more years left in him. Los Angeles has high hopes for 2019, and if Rivers can play as well as he did last year then they should be legit contenders in the AFC. Hopefully the Chargers will stay healthy enough in 2019 that none of the Rivers children have to suit up.