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Fans call BS on Patrick Beverley’s claim he knew Clippers were trading him

Clippers Patrick Beverley trade Timberwolves Grizzlies

Patrick Beverley has had to pack more than most other players have this offseason. The longtime Los Angeles Clippers guard was traded away to the Memphis Grizzlies then not long after, he was sent north to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to Timberwolves reporter Dana Moore, Patrick Beverley claims that he was in on it with the Clippers this whole time.

PatBev has served as an emotional leader for the Clippers for the last few years, so it’s not hard to imagine the team tried to send him to a destination he preferred. But fans were clearly skeptical that this was actually the case.


Perhaps the biggest shred of evidence that fans have against the former Clippers guard was his Twitter reaction immediately after the news. Fans were quick to remind him that his “Grit and Grind” tweet exists, and surprisingly still stands on his Twitter account today.


Maybe PatBev was simply using a smokescreen to hide the true ploy he made with the Clippers? Realistically, it’s tough to argue against the clear Twitter evidence against him.

But regardless of how he got to Minnesota, the Timberwolves are happy to have Patrick Beverley’s energy and veteran leadership around as they try to put forth a winning team.