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Eagles QB Nick Foles won’t push to start, but wants to lead a team eventually

Nick Foles, Eagles

Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ impressive run to their first Super Bowl win in franchise history, a significant chunk of attention has been pushed toward Nick Foles’ future. Foles was one of the driving forces that helped the team reach the pinnacle in the league behind his stellar play in the playoffs.

This has also put into the discussion his interest in once again becoming a starting quarterback in the NFL. According to Jeff McLane of, Foles has voiced that he wants to another shot at being a full-time starter but isn’t something that he plans to force the issue.

This is an opportunity that Foles plans to seek at some point moving forward in his career, which will likely wind up being with another team. The Eagles are fully committed to Carson Wentz being their long-term solution under center, especially after his strong showing his second year putting up an MVP-caliber campaign prior to tearing his ACL and LCL last December.

Philadelphia has also placed a high importance on at least keeping him on the roster through the 2018 season with the uncertainty surrounding whether Wentz will be able to return to the field. The presence of Foles at least provides the team with a safety net in case things don’t go as planned.

However, Foles has reworked his contract that should get him an opportunity to potentially find a home in the NFL elsewhere to pursue a starting job. He had shown in this year’s playoffs that he can be a viable quarterback in the right situation he threw for 971 yards on a 72.6 percent completion rate with six touchdown passes and an interception while holding a 115.7 passer rating in three postseason games.

He also notched more than 240 passing yards and held a passer rating above 100 in each contest. This was all topped off by his impressive performance in the Super Bowl where he completed 28 of 43 passes for 373 yards and three touchdowns that earned him the Super Bowl MVP award.

The further this situation in Philadelphia goes along, the clearer that Foles desire to once again be a starting NFL quarterback is beginning to become that may eventually lead to his departure at some point down the line.

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