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Philadelphia’s long-term plan for Jalen Hurts after trading Carson Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles, Jalen Hurts

The Philadelphia Eagles had a vision of always having competent quarterbacks. Emphasis on the plural; just look at Carson Wentz and Nick Foles in the team’s Super Bowl-winning season. This is part of the reason that led to them drafting quarterback Jalen Hurts out of Oklahoma in the second round of the 2020 draft while still having Carson Wentz as the labeled “franchise quarterback.”

Following the trade of Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts this offseason, the Eagles are reportedly going to give Hurts a real chance in 2021, while still assessing their quarterback situation during that time. 

When Wentz was selected, the organization did not anticipate Wentz’s steep decline that carried into last season. Wentz is not entirely at fault, as the offensive line was banged up, the receiving corps was one of the worst units in the league, and the coaching staff had its shortcomings.

There is also a theory that one reason for Wentz’s awful play was that many young players were drawn more to Hurts than Wentz. The opposing camp claims that the $128 million contract extension of Wentz should have made this a non-issue. Poor personnel decisions, including draft misses and questionable free agent moves, played their role.  

Nevertheless, when Wentz was traded to the Indianapolis Colts, this was an acknowledgment that the organization messed up the entire situation to a point past repair. Last January, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman talked about how Wentz was a part of Philadelphia, per Sheil Kapadia, Bo Wulf, and Zach Berman of The Athletic. Then this offseason, he was sent to Indianapolis as Philadelphia turned the page. And just like that the face of the franchise was replaced with draft capital at the time his stock price was at rock bottom.

Hopefully, the front office learned their lessons from Wentz and his situation and surround Hurts with more stability across the board.