Falcons QB Matt Ryan says 2016 is useless right now
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Falcons QB Matt Ryan says 2016 is useless right now

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Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is probably not a fan of the Back to the Future franchise. While people are constantly talking about last year, the veteran gunslinger just wants to move on at this point.

“We have to find a way for this team to play the way that we’re capable of as a team,” Ryan said, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “We can’t worry about last year. I know that constantly gets brought up, but as players we are not thinking about last year. We are not playing good enough as a unit in 2017. Frankly, I don’t really care to go back to 2016. It’s not useful for us.”

Honestly, that makes sense. It does. Any rational person can realize that.

At the same time, coming off a loss to the New England Patriots in a Super Bowl rematch doesn’t help this narrative go away. Fans are yearning for the Falcons of last year. Matt Ryan, understandably, probably does too, but knows there are no such devices as time-machines (at least not that we know of).

One of Atlanta’s bigger issues this season has been its work in the redzone and during third-down situations. Ryan prefers to focus on that rather than look back at 2016.

“We’ve got to make those plays,” Ryan said. “I believe that we will. We have done a good job in practice and I have the belief that will make plays when we get the opportunities in games. We just have to keep working on it.”

Maybe I am naive, but with the core group from last year’s team still on the roster, I think the Falcons will eventually figure it out.