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LeBron James texted Kevin Durant about going to LA

Kevin Durant, LeBron James

There have been a lot of rumors the last week about LeBron James teaming up with Kawhi Leonard or Paul George in Los Angeles, but could there be a new player on the block?

Stephen A Smith of ESPN said on First Take that LeBron James texted Kevin Durant about joining up on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Durant will opt out of his contract to be a free agent, but he has said multiple times that he wants to stay with the Golden State Warriors. Most also believed that Kevin Durant wouldn’t ever leave the Oklahoma City Thunder, but he bolted from there, so anything is possible.

Warriors General Manager Bob Myers also made it clear he wants Durant back, and that Durant has earned the right to negotiate any type of contract.

“Sometimes you don’t negotiate,” Myers said, via NBC Sports. “I’d love to have him for 10 years. Kevin Durant, look what he did for us last year, he did us a great service. He’s earned the right to sign whatever deal he wants. I just want him to sign a deal. But want him to be happy and want him to know that we want him as long as he wants to be here. He’s earned that, to kind of lay out the terms. He can do whatever he wants. That shouldn’t be a long negotiation. Our goal, to be honest, is to try to keep the whole thing together, so that’s the pieces of the puzzle we’ve got to try to figure out.”

It still seems like a longshot that Durant would leave the Warriors to go anywhere, but maybe he is ready for the next challenge and wants to team up with James on the Los Angeles Lakers. Those two together would be a good duo to give the Warriors a run for their money.