While Dejounte Murray’s rather wild and uncharacteristic attitude has made headlines as of late, one thing is clear: the Atlanta Hawks star is always for the fans.

On Wednesday, he proved just that when he made a lasting memory for a young fan. The new Hawks guard shared the amazing story on Instagram, revealing how he asked a random family if he can use their ball to shoot around the basketball court at a park. Moments later when the son of the family realized who he was, the young fan asked if he could play with him.

Of course Murray agreed and said they “worked on a lot of stuff.” Even more amusing, Murray uploaded a video and some photos from it to make sure the friends of the young fan will believe him when they tell them the story.

“I asked a random family can I use their basketball to shoot around at the park and they said yeah,” Murray narrated. “But moments after their son and now my new friend Sam noticed who I was and asked can he play with me, of course I said yes.

“And we joked, smiled and had fun and worked on a lot of stuff. Oh yeah Sam you said your friends won’t believe you when you tell them but they will believe you now and keep working hard ….. This why I love my job and what I stand for as a person!!!!!!”

Now that is definitely an awesome moment and a beautiful gesture from Dejounte Murray. He may have made headlines for disrespecting his opponents in the Pro Ams, but no one can deny that he is a man of the people.

Remember how he also asked other NBA stars to play in the Pro Ams so fans who can’t afford to watch NBA games can see them play live? That’s just who Murray is.