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Jimmy Butler hilariously reveals how much he made from Big Face Coffee

Heat, Jimmy Butler

Miami Heat All-Star forward Jimmy Butler emerged as one of the best players in the league during Miami’s highly-impressive Finals run last season. For those who have heard about his brand, Big Face Coffee, then you also know that Butler established himself as one of the best entrepreneurs in the NBA inside the Disney World bubble.

Recently, Butler revealed just how much profit he made from that venture of selling coffee from inside his hotel room:

“What did I make? I think I made about, I’m not gonna tell you the exact number. Somewhere in between $1, and like $6,000. Somewhere in between there is about the amount of money I made,” Butler said in a recent interview for GQ.com. “But I learned to do cappuccinos, lattes, obviously, pour-overs, chemexes, all of that good stuff.”

That’s a lot of money for a side hustle, assuming it’s actually closer to the 6Gs number. If you look at how much Butler is making from his salary, however, this sounds like an insignificant amount. Then again, this just shows what type of an entrepreneurial mind Butler truly possesses.

The 31-year-old also shared the business model he drew up for Big Face Coffee:

“I know everybody got the same amount per diem, so everybody had four twenties,” Butler explained. “Eventually, if I’m making coffee that’s good enough, they’re going to run out of those four twenties and then they’re going to have to start giving me hundreds. My plan didn’t work out like it was supposed to, but I was getting $20 a cup, so I can’t complain.”

It is also worth noting that Butler was doing all this while playing at an elite level. Clearly, the coffee gig did not distract him from the task at hand, as he led Miami all the way to the NBA Finals.

Looking forward, Butler admitted that this might be a preview of things to come for him in his post-basketball career:

“I really thought that I could dive into being a coffee connoisseur and one day open up my own coffee shop,” he said. “So I learned how to run a business out of a hotel room, and how to make all the different types of coffee.”

Jimmy Butler already has the business side locked down, and the narrative ensures that the marketing side is covered as well, so on paper, this does sound like a highly-profitable business opportunity for the taking.