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Richard Jefferson blasts refs, defends Jazz’s Rudy Gobert for bad foul call

richard jefferson, rudy gobert

Former NBA player and current TV analyst Richard Jefferson says what the referees did to Utah Jazz star big man Rudy Gobert Thursday night against the Houston Rockets just can’t happen.

Gobert was called for a foul on the jump ball, just one second into the game.

Rudy Gobert was eventually ejected three minutes into the game after picking up his second foul and then swatting a paper cup off the scorer’s table in frustration. It’s been a tough week for Gobert, who was fined $15,000 earlier in the week for criticizing the officiating crew after the Jazz lost to the Miami Heat.

The referees should have had Gobert and Clint Capela do the jump ball again. There was no reason for him to call a foul. Rudy Gobert probably shouldn’t have swatted the paper cup, but he was frustrated so it’s understandable.

The Jazz blew out the Houston Rockets, so Gobert’s absence didn’t hurt Utah. However, Richard Jefferson has a point. These referees can’t be making calls like that. If a player holds another guys arm on the jump ball, just redo the jump ball instead of calling a foul. It happens more than you think. Sometimes, the refs just miss it.