Video: Kyle Korver has all-time Shaqtin-a-Fool moment
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Video: Kyle Korver has all-time Shaqtin-a-Fool moment

The “Shaqtin-a-Fool” segment is dreaded by NBA payers leaguewide. No one wants to be featured in a blooper reel that replays gaffes over and over again, effectively immortalizing them. Unfortunately for Kyle Korver of the Utah Jazz, he was the latest player to be featured on the segment.

Korver was in the process of fighting for a rebound with Jusif Nurkic of the Portland Trail Blazers and couldn’t get a good angle on the ball. He thought the air-ball from Damian Lillard was actually a swish and went to inbound the ball. This automatically led to an out-of-bounds call that gave the ball right back to the Blazers, much to the chagrin of Korver. Teammate Jae Crowder saw the humor in the play, cracking up as he slammed the ball to the ground.

While this might look like a once in a lifetime play, frequent Shatin-a-Fool nominee J.R. Smith did the exact same thing not too long ago.

Korver is having a forgettable game overall, posting only six points through the first three quarters. The sharpshooter has not made a three-pointer yet. The game has some playoff seeding implications, as the Jazz are only two games behind the Blazers, who currently hold the fourth seed.

Every game counts in a crowded Western Conference, especially against an inner-conference opponent. Korver will need to avoid more gaffes like these if he wants to help his team win a key game.