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Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler rumors are not stemming from New York front office

Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving

It’s still a few months away from the start of the 2018 NBA season but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill for next summers free agency. Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler have been two of the most talked about players for next summer and how they might have an interest in teaming up on the New York Knicks.

Sometimes these rumors are actually leaked from inside the organization to try and get the word out to the media. According to Sporting News, the Knicks aren’t the ones leaking this information out.

“A lot of the stuff you hear comes from the media and from agents, and that is going to be the case all year,” one league source with knowledge of the Knicks’ plans told Sporting News. “Kyrie Irving comes from the media. Jimmy Butler comes from the media and his agent. That’s not coming from Steve and Scott. They’re a lot more careful here.”

It’s good news that the Knicks aren’t the ones leaking this information because it is only making the expectations higher for next summer. With the talk of Irving and Butler wanting to go the Knicks that means the Knicks need to land either one or both of them.

If they can’t land Irving and Butler they need to make a splash next summer. This team is finally starting to get the right pieces in place, however, they still need another star or two to add to the mix to really compete in a weak Eastern Conference.