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Lakers legend Kobe Bryant discusses impact of WNBA on his daughter

Former Los Angeles Lakers superstar and NBA icon Kobe Bryant recently discussed the WNBA and the impact that it is having on his daughter. He says that his 11-year-old daughter always talks to him about box scores and who made a highlight play.

The love for the game of basketball certainly seems to have been passed down to his daughter. The WNBA can certainly make for some great basketball due to a lot of the intangibles being used that may not always occur in the NBA.

“You have a dream, you have a goal as a kid to play basketball. As a girl, you grow up, you play basketball you’re like my goal, my ambition is to be a WNBA player,” he said. “I think that really is the most important part is that women growing up and playing basketball are like ok, my career track can go like this and lead to that. I think that’s the most significant part.”

Bryant has been known to attend WNBA games at the Staples Center as he seems to genuinely enjoy watching them. He has become a mentor for some players in the league, providing his basketball expertise when possible.

Kobe is not the first to show support for the WNBA. Players like Draymond Green and Lebron James have publicly made statements that they enjoy watching the WNBA. For now, they will all continue to tune in, but maybe one day, we will be the ones watching Kobe Bryant’s daughter suiting up for a WNBA team.