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Kyle Kuzma working out with shooting coach Lethal Shooter


Los Angeles Lakers rising star Kyle Kuzma has identified a specific area in his game that he wants to put a ton of work in for this summer. With the recent revelation that the 23-year-old has been working out with renowned shooting coach, “Lethal Shooter,” it looks like Kuzma will be looking to significantly improve his shooting for the upcoming season.

It was Lethal Shooter himself who made the news public via his Instagram page, sharing a photo of himself with the Lakers incoming third-year man.

As a sophomore in the league last season, Kuzma was actually able to improve on most of his offensive numbers from his rookie campaign. He upped his scoring to 18.7 points on 45.6 percent shooting compared to his 16.1 points on 45.0 from the floor in his debut season.

However, Kuzma’s three-point clip dropped significantly last season. While he put up more shots (6.0) as compared to his rookie year (5.6), his percentage from beyond the arc dropped to a 30.3 percent from 36.6 percent from the 2017-18 season.

Surely, there were a lot of other factors that came into play here, including defenses being more adept to Kuzma’s offensive tendencies in his second year in the league. However, he was able to improve on his scoring (and his efficiency), which goes to show that his three-point shooting slump is something that might be more of an internal issue.

Kuzma has done well to recognize this, and has gone out of his way to equip himself with the necessary tools for an even more impressive third season.