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LeBron James superfan slaps Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma with savage J. Cole trade

Lakers, LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma, J. Cole

Kyle Kuzma’s trade value just hit an all-time low. That is if you listen to what LeBron James superfan Shanon Sharpe has to say about the Los Angeles Lakers’ potential trade avenues for Kuzma. According to the outspoken basketball analyst, he’s absolutely willing to trade Kuz for rapper J. Cole right now.

Here’s your daily dose of savagery from Sharpe, who clearly is not a Kyle Kuzma fan (h/t Riki P. on Twitter):

J. Cole just completed a brief professional basketball stint in Africa where he proved that he could actually ball out. Cole didn’t exactly take the domestic league by storm, but the fact that he’s now a professional basketball player speaks volumes of the rapper’s skill level. So much so, that Shannon Sharpe believes that he’s actually good enough to be on the Lakers.

We have to take this commentary with a grain of salt. Sharpe was clearly exaggerating, considering how he also said that he’d be willing to trade Kuzma for a pair of Cole Haan shoes. Be that as it may, all this slander also has a lot to say about Kuzma’s current stature with the Lakers.

Kuz had another disappointing campaign with LA this season, and his shortcomings were magnified in the playoffs. He’s been one of the biggest scapegoats of what was an ultimately unsatisfactory title defense by the former champs.

You have to wonder, what does LeBron James think about all these Kyle Kuzma trade rumors?