Lakers video: LaVar Ball badly misses a bunch of jumpers in a row
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WATCH: LaVar Ball badly misses a bunch of jumpers in a row

LaVar Ball

If the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to add another playmaker this season, it looks like LaVar Ball may not be the best choice after a less than stellar shooting display recently.

The Lakers are still adjusting the LeBron James being sidelined due to injur  and that has resulted in the team losing three in a row and five of its last six games.

Still, even with the struggles, the franchise probably shouldn’t be rushing out to sign Lonzo Ball’s father to a max deal.

If you’re wondering why, this video of LaVar missing jumper after jumper should make it a little clearer.

Of course, LaVar has no problem telling anyone who will listen that he could go toe-to-toe with Michael Jordan.

But considering that Jordan is an all-time great and NBA icon that scored a ton of points on some of the best defenders in NBA history, this shooting exhibition by LaVar isn’t going to help his case.

As for the Lakers, they should be just fine moving forward with LeBron James likely set to return in the near future since the injury isn’t all that serious.

The most important thing is for LeBron to be completely healthy when he comes back, as there are plenty of opportunities to make up for some of the recent losses.

Next up for the Lakers is a road trip to take on the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night. After that, Luke Walton’s team will host the Detroit Pistons at Staples Center on Wednesday.