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Video: Lakers star LeBron James has wild reaction to Lance Stephenson’s poster slam

lance stephenson, lebron james

It’s still weird for some people to see LeBron James and Lance Stephenson on the same team considering they were rivals for so many years. But now that they are on the Los Angeles Lakers together, The King and Born Ready are making the most of it.

Saturday night against the Charlotte Hornets, Lance Stephenson had a monster dunk in the fourth quarter, and LeBron James was the biggest cheerleader on the Lakers’ bench.

When Lance Stephenson signed with the Lakers in the summer, it was a head-scratching move to some given how Lance and LeBron had so many battles in the past. Every time James and Stephenson played when the former was with the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers and Stephenson was on the Indiana Pacers’ side, the two players always seemed to get into some type of tussle.

It seems, though, that James and Stephenson are getting along very well with the Lakers. It also helps that the team is winning games, too. After blowing out the Hornets on Saturday, Los Angeles is 18-11 on the season.

LeBron James put up a triple-double performance against Michael Jordan’s team. He reached the mark with a couple of minutes left to play in the third quarter.