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Metta World Peace still has the Jazz or Clippers winning the title, despite being eliminated

Los Angeles Lakers forward and veteran NBA player Metta World Peace made a bold prediction during the playoffs. World Peace picked either the Los Angeles Clippers or Utah Jazz to win the 2017 NBA championship.

The Lakers forward shared his prediction on Twitter:

As we now know, Peace’s prediction did not come true. The Clippers were eliminated in the first-round by the Utah Jazz. And then the Golden State Warriors swept the Jazz in the second-round. Despite these facts, Peace took to Twitter again to address prediction. Surprisingly, Peace did not change his championship winner. Instead, he stuck by his old prediction even though it already wrong.

Here is Peace sticking by his prediction that Clippers or Jazz will win the title this season:


Peace must be taking his prediction very seriously because he says he can not go back on his word. And while it is great to see that Peace does not want to change his prediction because of his loyalty to himself, in this instance, he could probably retract it. After all, now he is left looking rather foolish and is just very wrong.

But of course this is just Peace being Peace and you have to admire how he stays true to himself.

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