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Minnesota football news: P.J. Fleck getting his own brand of ice cream

Fleck Ice Cream

Minnesota Golden Gophers coach P.J. Fleck already has his own reality show on ESPN. It is a delightful little television product in which we get to learn more about the man made infamous by wanting everyone to row their boat.

Now, apparently, he’s going to get his own brand of “Row Your Boat” ice cream.

The school’s meat and dairy store has debuted the new ice cream flavor this week inspired by football coach, according to a report from the Minnesota Daily.

“The main thing is getting the ingredients in and just playing around with them a little bit,” said Ray Miller, the university’s food processing facility coordinator who developed the flavor. “There’s unlimited potential with what you can try. You just have to kind of know what you’re doing before you try it if you want it to turn out right.”

Obviously, students will hope that ice cream tastes good. It doesn’t matter if Minnesota attached Fleck’s name to it or not. It could have made it an ice cream based off Rachel Leigh Cook — if is gross, it won’t matter.

As for actual football related happenings, Minnesota recently said that Demry Croft would be unavailable due to personal reasons.

“He is dealing with some personal issues that are way, way more important than football, so it’s my job as a head football coach to get him what he needs,” Fleck said according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “We are going to help him any way we can. I’m not going to get into that, in respect to his privacy and his personal life. …

“If you do not do the right thing academically, athletically, socially and spiritually, and you do not uphold the high, high expectations of our culture on and off the field, you will not play. And it does not matter who you are.”

Not word on if Croft got some Fleck ice cream before that news.