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Barry Bonds’ Hall of Fame snub draws passionate reaction from Jim Leyland

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The MLB world received some controversial- but perhaps not particularly surprising- news when it was announced that former star Barry Bonds did not make it into the baseball Hall of Fame. Bonds’ snub prompted many in the sports world to react, with the latest being former longtime MLB manager Jim Leyland. Leyland offered a passionate response to Bonds’ Hall of Fame snub, via USA Today.

“You can make a case that he’s the best player to ever play,” Leyland told the Detroit Free Press on Wednesday afternoon. “Barry is a very close friend of mine and always will be. My heart aches for him.”

Former Detroit Tigers manager and friend of Barry Bonds not only feels deeply sorry for the Hall of Fame snub, but he also believes there’s a case for the former star as the “best player to ever play.” That is certainly not an outlandish take, especially given some of Bonds’ outrageous numbers.

Leyland makes a good point when he says that if Bonds was cheating, it’s technically wrong, but if baseball benefitted from it, which it did greatly, then it was good for the game. However, whether it was good for the game or not, Bonds will never have a place in the Hall of Fame to show for his efforts, as this was his last year of eligibility on the MLB ballot.

One can bet that longtime MLB manager Jim Leyland is not the only one in the game who feels this way about Barry Bonds’ Hall of Fame snub.