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Jeremy Lin’s heartbreaking 434-word message after failed NBA comeback bid

Jeremy Lin, NBA, Warriors

The deadline to sign NBA free agents in time for the playoffs has passed. In the end, Jeremy Lin remained without a team despite proving himself capable of still playing in the big leagues.

With the season basically over for him, Lin opened up about his NBA comeback bid this 2020-21 in a rather heartbreaking post. While he remains proud that he took the big risk to pursue his dreams, one can’t help but feel the pain he has to endure after not even getting a chance to prove himself despite  doing everything he can and all that was asked from him.

“For months, I saw others get contracts, chances, opportunities. I told myself I just need ONE ten-day contract, one chance to get back on the floor and I would blow it out the water. After all that’s how my entire career started – off one chance to prove myself,” Lin wrote on his IG post. “For reasons I’ll never fully know, that chance never materialized. But I proved Im better than ever and an NBA player. And like I’ve said before…dream big dreams, risk big heartache.”

As Jeremy Lin narrated in his post, he gave up being a big-time player in China–where he averaged 22.3 points, 5.7 rebounds and 5.6 assists to finish the past season–to play in the G League and earn a chance to play in the NBA once again. He did put on the work, registering 19.8 points, 3.2 rebounds and 6.4 assists for the Santa Cruz Warriors (G League affiliate of the Golden State Warriors).

Despite showing that he is in good health and perfect playing condition to contribute, he didn’t get the chance at all–not even a 10-day contract. Lin emphasized he has no regrets, though he seemed to hint that he is giving up his dreams to play again in the NBA and is instead passing the torch to the next generation of Asian-American ballers.

“To the next generation of Asian American ballers – man, I so wish I could have done more on the NBA court to break more barriers – esp now – but you guys got next. When you get your shot, do NOT hesitate. Don’t worry whether anyone else thinks you belong. The world never will. If theres any chance to doubt, they will. But when you get your foot in the door, KICK THAT DOOR DOWN. And then bring others up with you,” Lin added.

It remains to be seen what’s next for Lin. It is possible he goes back to China and continue his basketball career there. There are also other potential international options for him. Still, it’s truly heartbreaking not to see him get a chance to prove himself.

No one will ever forget Linsanity, no matter what.