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Michael Jordan ‘broke every player code imaginable’ in ‘The Last Dance,’ claims Kendrick Perkins

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Since “The Last Dance” wrapped up, some former NBA players pushed back on some aspects of the docu-series — including the validity of certain details, some of Michael Jordan’s comments, and the general portrayal of non-Jordan figures.

Horace Grant flatly denied being Sam Smith’s main locker room source for “The Jordan Rules.” Meanwhile, Craig Hodges took umbrage with multiple accounts in the docu-series, including the “Traveling Cocaine Circus” anecdote about the 1980s Bulls.

Other former teammates of Jordan’s, including Ron Harper and Bill Cartwright, expressed displeasure with how the locker room dynamic was discussed. Moreover, Scottie Pippen is reportedly “wounded” about his portrayal.

Kendrick Perkins didn’t play alongside His Airness, but the 14-year NBA veteran and current ESPN analyst is also joining the chorus.

During a segment on The Jump, Perkins criticized the doc for making MJ “look like a superhero” while portraying everybody else as “a villain.” Big Perk also accused Jordan of breaking “every player code imaginable.”

“Michael Jordan broke every player code imaginable… Some of the things he was saying with Scott Burrell, saying that he was in the club every night. Talking about what Horace Grant said about guys doing drugs, everyone except for him (Jordan). And then, ‘The Last Dance’ hurt Scottie Pippen. People today are looking at Scottie Pippen like a selfish individual,” Perkins said of the NBA great and Bulls legend, per NBC Sports.

“At the end of the day, ‘The Last Dance’ was to praise Mike — which it should have been — but you didn’t have to tear down other people to praise your greatness, because your greatness alone speaks volumes for itself.”

While Jordan’s great is undeniable, the recent criticisms are also understandable since it did not really show everything about the legendary Bulls’ run in the 90s. Also, the whole docu-series focused mainly on MJ and his NBA dominance, so there was bound to be some bias in the narration of what transpired.

Despite this, however, it has been made clear why MJ is considered the GOAT by his peers and today’s generation of NBA players.