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Horace Grant calls Michael Jordan ‘a damn snitch’ after receiving blame in Bulls doc

Last Dance

The backlash from “The Last Dance,” a 10-part ESPN docuseries inspired by the Chicago Bulls’ three-peat in 1998, has started to set in. Horace Grant, who received blame for relinquishing private information that went into making the popular book “The Jordan Rules,” fired back at Michael Jordan for slapping the “snitch” label on him during the series.

Asked if there was any veracity to that, Grant categorically denied being responsible for letting those things out of the locker room:

“That is a downright, outright, completely lie,” Grant told ESPN 1000’s Kap & Company on Tuesday, two days after the Sunday night series finale. “Lie, lie, lie. If MJ had a grudge with me, let’s settle it like men. Let’s talk about it or we can settle it another way.”

Grant was utterly critical of how Jordan singled him out and held him responsible for sharing private things from the locker room, which saw light on Sam Smith’s popular book — one that painted a different picture of Jordan.

Smith himself took plenty of criticism for writing that book, which was originally published in 1992, in the midst of the Bulls’ first three-peat.

Yet Grant had an issue with Jordan singling him out, but admitting there was a time when he saw his teammates deal with cocaine, marijuana, and women in their hotel rooms — something he wanted to stay away from.

“He said I was a snitch, but still after 30, 35 years, he brings up his rookie year going into one of his teammate’s room and seeing coke and weed and women,” said Grant. “My point is, why the hell did he want to bring that up? Why does that have to do with anything?

“If you wanna call somebody a snitch, that’s a damn snitch right there.”

It’s worth noting that Jordan was asked a question about the things he’d seen in the franchise upon his arrival and he didn’t mention any names when speaking about the incident — only noting he wanted to stay far away from those things and focus on his progress as a player instead.

Grant and Jordan have not gotten along since the former left for Orlando after contractual disputes with the team. It seems it’s no different now, even though more than two decades have passed since. The Last Dance fallout continues!