The 2020-21 NFL season should be one for the record books. For starters, the offseason has already been one full of suspense and surprises. The Tom Brady era is over with the New England Patriots. Philip Rivers and the Los Angeles Chargers have finally parted ways and the Carolina Panthers gave Cam Newton the boot and handed the keys to Teddy Bridgewater.

With claims that the NFL has always been a QB league, 2020 will definitely put that theory to test. Eyes will be on QB's like never before. Brady attracts all types of attention but this season will be more. The same for players such as Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Ryan Tannehill, and others. How far can some of these leaders take their respective teams?

Here are a few QB's to keep an eye on for the 2020-21 NFL season.

Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Tom Brady is always a quarterback to keep an eye on, but this upcoming season will be entirely different. Now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, all eyes will be on Brady to see who was the true mastermind behind the dynasty of the New England Patriots. On the other hand, eyes will be watching to see if Jameis Winston was the real problem or was it a team-wide issue.

Brady has better weapons in Tampa Bay then he did in his last two seasons with the Patriots. What the Bucs need from Brady is better management than they received from Winston in 2019. He has the tools and experience. What it will come down to is how his new teammates respond to his aura.

Carson Wentz (Philadelphia Eagles)

The Philadelphia Eagles need Carson Wentz to step up big time this coming season. Fans are torn on Wentz as some believe keeping Nick Foles was the better choice due to their Super Bowl victory. What has hurt Wentz has been the injury-prone label he's been tagged with the last three years. Can he stay healthy in 2020?

The Eagles are the favorites to take home the NFC East title this coming season but that will fall on the shoulders of Wentz. He should have all his weapons healthy and after signing a huge extension, all eyes will be on him to take that next leap.

Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs)

Patrick Mahomes is the new “it” guy as far as QB's go in the NFL. Even with Lamar Jackson taking the MVP last season, Mahomes topped that by winning the Super Bowl. Was this the beginning of a magical run reminiscent of Tom Brady and Joe Montana? Will the Kansas City Chiefs be able to keep him surrounded with top-tier talent.

Mahomes is already a star in the NFL. What's left to be seen is if he can keep up? The talent surrounding him with the Chiefs says yes but will Mahomes start to feel that need to do more to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the game's greats?

Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens)

Can he do it again? Last season, Jackson ran away with the MVP Award as the Baltimore Ravens surprised the NFL with the best regular-season record in the league. Jackson improved as a QB in 2019 with his arm but it was his running style that took the league by storm. Does he have an encore season in him or was 2019 a fluke?

Jackson will live under a microscope the entire 2020-21 season. After leading the Ravens to the best record, they flamed out in the playoffs. Was that a learning experience or a sign of things to come?

Teddy Bridgewater (Carolina Panthers)

The Cam Newton ers is officially over and the Teddy Bridgewater saga begins. Was this a bad move on the part of the Carolina Panthers? Bridgewater did have some success with the Minnesota Vikings and a few good games with the New Orleans Saints but is he ready to lead a team with glaring holes? If this fails, Bridgewater, by no fault of his own will come under heavy criticism.

Losing Cam may come back to bite the Panthers as they turn the team over to a QB who has struggled while being the leader. The offensive weapons with the Saints are different than what he will have with the Panthers.

Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns)

The Cleveland Browns need Baker Mayfield to step up. His first two seasons in the league have been night and day. His rookie year was one of promise but his second year, there was a major decline. If the Browns are to make a run at the playoffs, Mayfield will be the reason. Armed with talent at all offensive positions, there are no more excuses for the former No. 1 pick.

Despite the Ravens running away with the division in 2019, the Browns, if healthy and focused still have a shot to make some noise. If Mayfield can improve on his turnovers and decision-making, this could be a redemption year.

Philip Rivers (Indianapolis Colts)

After 16 years with the San Diego and Los Angeles Chargers, Philip Rivers is now with a new team. The future Hall of Fame quarterback will now start a new chapter in his career with the Indianapolis Colts, T.Y. Hilton and Marlon Mack. Rivers had a down season in 2019 but a new address could revive his career. How much does he have in the tank will be a hot topic this season.

The Colts are in a division that should have them atop the standings now that they have a reliable leader in the huddle. But what version of Rivers will they get? Is he on the decline or just had a terrible season in 2019?

Joe Burrow (Rookie)

What will the rookie do? No matter where he ends up, Joe Burrow will be the starter there. His career at LSU was phenomenal but the NFL is a different beast. Can he survive? There will be bumps along the way and it will be worth keeping a close eye on to see how long of a leash he has in his first year.

His arm strength is great. His vision is top among the rookies entering the NFL Draft. If Burrow is surrounded by good playmakers, his rookie year should be a huge success.