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Patriots’ Jarrett Stidham drops back-shoulder dime for winning TD

Jarrett Stidham, Patriots

Jarrett Stidham did what he could in his second preseason game. The New England Patriots have the greatest quarterback of all time on their roster. Even if you don’t agree with that statement, you probably don’t think it’s much of a stretch.

Of course, that quarterback is Tom Brady. However, he didn’t play on Saturday night in the Patriots’ second preseason game of the year. Jarrett Stidham did, though, and he had the throw of the night.

Stidham isn’t going to stir up any QB controversy no matter how fantastic he plays. The quarterback of the New England Patriots will be Tom Brady until he decides he doesn’t want to be anymore.

That being said, he’s not going to be around forever. Brady is 42 and no one knows how many more seasons he has left. At any moment he could decide to hang up the cleats.

Behind him on the roster is veteran Brian Hoyer. A solid quarterback, but not someone the Patriots would want to hand the keys of the castle over too once Brady’s done. He’s simply there as a reliable backup should anything happen.

Then there’s Stidham, a rookie. Drafted in the fourth-round of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Patriots clearly believe they could make him into something. This is a great showing.

Overall, Stidham went 14-for-19 with 193 yards and that one touchdown. He showed accuracy and an ability to get the ball downfield, as well as the clutch factor.

Yes, the New England Patriots will need to see more than one solid preseason showing before deciding to crown Stidham the successor to Tom Brady. However, you have to start somewhere. This is the perfect start.