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Cavs’ Marquese Chriss saying ‘quit that s***’ might have triggered Raptors’ Serge Ibaka

marquese chriss, serge ibaka

The fight between Toronto Raptors big man Serge Ibaka and his Cleveland Cavaliers defender Marquese Chriss might have all started due to something the Cavs forward said after the two played out the last few seconds of the third quarter.

Ibaka fell to the ground and Chriss looked at him while saying something, then turned around and … you know how the story goes.

Joe Vardon of The Athletic provided some insight as to what might have been said to Ibaka as the third quarter expired.

“As Chriss was walking away, he clearly said something to Ibaka. According to four Cavs sources and one with the Raptors — none of them named Chriss or Ibaka — Chriss said something very close to “quit that shit.” It could have been an accusation of flopping, or, as one Cav suggested, Chriss didn’t like Ibaka grabbing his jersey.

Ibaka got up, chased after Chriss, whose back was turned, strangled him and pressed him against the stanchion. Chriss punched Ibaka, who punched back. Both were ejected.”

The discord between Ibaka and Chriss didn’t solely emanate from that event, as teammate Danny Green shared that prior events throughout the game might have been annoying the Raptors big man for a while.

Ibaka is unlikely to only get a one-game suspension as punishment from the league, already boasting altercations with Robin Lopez and James Johnson last season.

Evidence of his conduct is there, no matter what uniform he’s wearing, and that won’t help him much when he goes under the careful eye of Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Kiki Vandeweghe and he’s forced to dole out a suspension.