Redskins news: Washington was interested in trading for Joe Flacco before Denver acquired him
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Report: Redskins were interested in trading for Joe Flacco before Broncos acquired him

Per Troy Renck, the Denver Broncos’ recent acquisition of Joe Flacco happened quickly because of interest from the Washington Redskins.

The gruesome injury to Alex Smith creates a need for the Redskins at quarterback. Things get complicated when looking at the 20.4 million dollar cap hit. It means that Washington will not be able to afford another expensive arm for the upcoming season.

There is no way for them to cut Smith because his future is uncertain. He was a good quarterback for a long time and he still can be following this injury.

So, with Flacco off the books, they will have to go another direction. It will still have to be a fairly cheap option. However, Flacco was not a cheap option. That means the door might be open for the likely availability of Case Keenum.

Another option talked about is Teddy Bridgewater. He is on the free agent market following a one year deal with the New York Jets that paid six million dollars plus incentives. If the Redskins can maneuver a similar deal, then he might be a good option.

Of course, they could look for help via the draft. The Redskins have the 15th pick. They could trade up, or they could hope one of the limited quarterback options falls to them.

The Redskins interest in Flacco caused the trade to be rushed. In the end, the Broncos traded away a fourth-round pick to gain Flacco’s service.

After a disappointing season having Keenum at the helm, this will be a welcome change for a new coach.