REPORT: Nets Nearly Changed Team Name To 'Swamp Dragons'
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REPORT: Nets Nearly Changed Team Name To ‘Swamp Dragons’


There was almost an NBA team called the Swamp Dragons.

And not just any NBA team: it would have been the then-New Jersey Nets becoming the New Jersey Swamp Dragons.

Zach Lowe of ESPN revealed plans for the Nets re-brand from the mid 1990s after the brand new Toronto franchise went with Raptors instead of Dragons.

Dragons would have been pretty cool. Swamp Dragons? Not quite as cool.

According to the report “Fire Dragons” was also being considered after Swamp Dragons garnered criticism.

The change obviously never occurred, but we can still bask in the glory that are these Swamp Dragon mockups:

nets swamp dragons jersey

Taylor Glascock/ESPN

swamp dragons nets court

Taylor Glascock/ESPN

Now just take a second to imagine Jay Z as owner of the Swamp Dragons. You’re welcome.

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