The San Antonio Spurs won their Summer League opener against the Charlotte Hornets on Friday evening. Still, all anyone could talk about was the performance of former number one overall pick Victor Wembanyama.

The 7-foot-5 youngster revealed a major concern about his conditioning following the Spurs' win. Wembanyama's showdown with number two overall pick Scoot Henderson has since been delayed.

As the Spurs' next game draws near, the NBA's latest prodigal son is preparing for the next challenge.

Wembanyama received advice from a former NBA All-Star and Top 75 all-time player: Carmelo Anthony. Anthony had a five-word message for Wembanyama that is sure to invigorate the budding French NBA superstar.

The Spurs are scheduled to face Henderson's Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday evening at 8 p.m. ET.

Anthony, who officially announced his retirement from the NBA in May, was recently seen training number 20 overall pick Cam Whitmore. With his signature jab step, cornrows, and megawatt smile, Anthony became one of the most iconic players of his generation for the New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets, and later, the Portland Trail Blazers.

The hope for Spurs fans is that Wembanyama becomes a similar, or perhaps even better, player than the former #3 overall pick Anthony. While many fans including Spurs fans were unimpressed by Wembanyama's 2-for-13 shooting performance that netted him just nine points against the Hornets, NBA legend Jerry West disagreed.

West compared Wembanyama to 11-time champion Bill Russell, noting the French star's impressive presence on the defensive end of the court.

For Wembanyama to truly thrive in San Antonio, one thing's for sure: he will need to take the expectations that have been placed upon him and transmute them into even better performances with each passing game.

Time will tell if he can do just that, but for now, Anthony and the rest of the Spurs remain firmly in the corner of the young man affectionately known as ‘Wemby.'